Knight Sim reseller program is the easiest way to earn money with Knight Sim solutions.

This program implies reselling the original Knight Sim sim cards, data plans, and airtime under the original brand with services and rates published on the website.

This is a prepaid cooperation model where the Reseller is buying a small stock of Starter Kit packages at a discounted price and offers the product to its customers as a standalone product or accompanying offers. The sim cards can be later recharged at and the reseller will earn a commission from recharge revenues.

Earning model is simple – Partner earns from the discounted price of the first starter kit and from the recharge revenues.

The Reseller end users receive all necessary service information from support people.

Reseller customers are able to buy airtime recharges online from

This Partnership is for you, especially if:
You are a mobile shop and looking for a new product you can provide to your clients.
You are a travel agency and looking for an innovative roaming service to add value to your customers.
You have a circle of frequent-traveling friends, family, clients, or acquaintances and looking to venture into new business opportunities
You have a successful travel blog and are looking for opportunities to monetize from it.
You have a high-traffic website and are looking for an opportunity to monetize from it.
You have a hotel and are looking for an innovative roaming service to add value to your customers.


Knight Sim Starter :

Commission starting from 20%

Standard rates and packages

First-line support by knight sim or Top Agent

Minimum order of Starter Kit: 500 pcs.

Basic SIM card price with Estonia country code

Order Volume/ yearly Cooperation Rate
500 < Volume < 1000 SIM cards  $19
1000< Volume < 3000 SIM cards  $17
3000< Volume < 5000 SIM cards  $16
5000< Volume < 10000 SIM cards  $15
Volume >10,000 SIM cards  $14


Virtual Number Service

Be contacted on phone numbers from over 40 countries, all on one SIM card! Your Knight Sim card comes with an Estonia phone number as standard.

With our Virtual Number service, you can choose to add more phone numbers, from other countries. The Virtual Number service is a revolutionary service that gives you the ability to add local phone numbers to your Knight Sim.

This opens a world of opportunities as now you can make and receive calls on local phone numbers from over 40 countries and there is no limit on the number of virtual phone numbers you can have on our SIM card.

The way to cooperate with Knight SIM is to charge your account according to the following tariff

Then, with each order, the amount of the order will be deducted from your account

According to the selected plans, you will also benefit from the cooperation profit in proportion to the selling price

balance charge your account:

Order Volume/ monthly Commission  Rate / Recurring Revenue
250$ 10% virtual number-5% charge
500$ 20% virtual number-5% charge
1000$ 25% virtual number-10% charge
2000$ 30% virtual number-10% charge

Recurring Revenue means commission on purchases and Top-ups/Renewals paid by your customers after activation